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Ventilation Systems
Precisioneering Ltd. manufactures the complete ventilation system. You can choose from one of many standard designs on file or rely on Precisioneering’s experienced engineers to assist in the design.

     FRP Hoods and Covers
     FRP Ducts
     FRP Fans
     FRP Shut-off Dampers

• 10" to 96"
• Electrically or manually activated
• Custom engineered for pressure/vacuum applications up to 80 inch W.G.



MODEL LPRT (Low Pressure, Radial Tipped)

• For low static pressure requirements up to 8” wc, volumes up to 76,000 cfm
• Wheel blades are forward curved radial tipped for higher efficiency
• Blades are designed with a strong, short load span to accommodate sudden volume fluctuations

MODEL LPBI (Low Pressure, Backward Inclined)

• For low static pressure requirements up to 8" wc, volumes up to 76,000 cfm
• Wheel blades are backward inclined to provide a non-overloading characteristic
• Blades are wide to provide the same static pressure and volume performance as model LPRT
• Backward inclined design causes horsepower to rise to peak efficiency as volume increases, after which   horsepower and pressure decrease as volume increases further, providing the non-overloading feature

MODEL HPRS (High Pressure, Radial Straight)

• For high static pressure requirements up to 28" wc, volumes up to 100,000 cfm
• Wheel blades are straight and held firmly in position by a center cone and a conical end ring to provide the strength   required for high pressure performance
• Straight blades have excellent self-cleaning characteristics
• May be used where dust or other solids are in the air stream